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SEIZURE WARNING! - Very fast flashing colours

For best experience, you can play this game with your eyes closed, as long as your monitor is bright enough.

The game can initially be very hard to get to grips with, but once you figure out how to play, it's quite satisfying.

WASD - Movement
Arrow keys - Fire gun
Escape key - Exit game

You've been tasked with assassinating as many dangerous criminals as possible, without even looking at them. Use a radar to find your way to the target, and a pistol to take them out, but be warned, you only have one shot! If you miss your target and hit a wall, you will instantly fail. Additionally, the targets will fight back, so try your best to understand the randomly chosen rooms around you and to not be ambushed.

You can see what some of the rooms look like by using the following link, but knowing might ruin the experience. Try figuring it out yourself first, and if you really can't recognise room patterns or simply don't want to try then have a peek.
(Apologies, but the link is currently dead. I will re-upload when possible)

Dying results in a long lasting green screen whilst successfully killing a target rewards you with a few moments of dark silence.

How many targets can you kill before it's lights out?

Good luck, Echo_Agent!


Echo_Agent.exe 2 MB

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